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The cooperation of medium-sized logistics enterprises

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One of Cargo in motion's major advantages is the optimized use of all available resources. The customer has access to much larger load capacities and well-trained drivers. This means that available capacity can be used more effectively and at lower cost.

This strategy is in line with expert forecasts of further positive trends in transportation volumes in the coming years. We also attach great importance to linking dispatchers with each other.

State-of-the-art communication methods are in place at all levels, enabling proactive customer care. The reliability of our members is a crucial factor that plays a central role within Cargo in motion.

Putting our common philosophy and strategy into practice is easy, since we work together as trusting partners - an advantage that benefits our customers, above all.

The Cargo in motion cooperation will make it possible to utilize synergy effects when purchasing services, materials and fuel. We expect to realize considerable savings in these areas.

Due to high customer expectations in the logistics industry, there is still considerable interest in membership of Cargo in motion.

A company wishing to join Cargo in motion must introduce itself to the other members of the cooperation at an information meeting. A set of predefined criteria is used to determine whether the applicant company would be a suitable member. We work together on the basis of time-honored business principles and of a charter that covers all important aspects of our cooperation.

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