Cargo in motion

The cooperation of medium-sized
logistics companies.

available from May 15, 2020

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Cargo in motion

Shaping the future together
sustainable and value-creating.

Cargo in motion - the cooperation of medium-sized logistics companies.


The COVID-19 epidemic triggers enormous economic consequences worldwide, which will be with us for a long time afterwards. The negative effects on the German and international economy, cause immense costs and problems for all logisticians. More than a third of national logistics companies state that the crisis is already having a "very high" or "high degree" impact on their business activities.

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Opportunities for our logistics cooperation

What can you do about it? We recommend our cooperation as a cushion against unforeseeable crises and disruptions in the national and international markets.

According to the motto "together we are strong", Cargo in motion therefore connects medium-sized, owner-managed freight forwarders and logistics service providers who want to secure their company in a competent and cooperative manner.

We are not a system operator or freight exchange, but through our competent partners we offer our customers a modern range of services in all facets of modern logistics services with constant strategic development.

There is therefore a win-win situation that will continue to prove itself in the future and enable profitable business.

With a lot of know-how, bundling all capacities and resources, we meet the complex requirements of the customers, who are for many Logisticians are not feasible due to a lack of own resources. At Cargo in motion, each partner can therefore use exactly what is important for his portfolio. The cooperation reduce costs, increases the performance and quality of the members.

Commitment in terms of cooperation

Cooperation instead of competition is an essential factor for our cooperation. Good accessibility, short-term decision-making processes and mutual help in all situations are a matter of course for us. So we value loyalty and mutual respect, humanity and openness.

The willingness to change and an active commitment in the sense of cooperation facilitate the desired success.

Each member retains full sovereignty and independence. Due to the lean, decentralized structure of the cooperation, no major investment or significant change in your own company structure is required.

Our values are the rules. There are basic agreements and transparent rules for cooperation, which apply equally to all members, including customer protection and mandatory payment terms.

This concept is unique and proven. Entry is therefore moderate, uncomplicated and agreeable.

Due to the ongoing predicament, it is therefore advisable to tackle the problem of an individual problem promptly so that you can use these advantages in the market.

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Cargo in motion

Strong partners in Europe.

Cargo in motion - strong across Europe

Cargo in motion is a strong, Europe-wide cooperation with international members. The members from different European countries form a strong and competent basis for future logistics tasks and challenges.

We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Trust in our competence.

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