Cargo in motion

The special service range
of our cooperation.

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Cargo in motion

Optimal use of shared resources.

Europe-wide logistics - cooperation

For all services in modern logistics, we have experienced members, nationally and internationally, whose experts are available to their partners professionally and at any time.

Freight exchange in the area of FTL / LTL and groupage, value-added services, contract logistics, best practice solutions, air and maritime cargo -, express - cross trading - niche markets are profitable and make us more independent from pure transport.

Added value

An additional increase in value is also created. The productivity of the company increases significantly. The consequence of this increase in value is: Your company can record positive development in the shortest possible time, with a promising future-proof strategy.


We promote our cooperation through regular general meetings and dispatcher meetings.

This is very important and brings the partners together and forwards. People get to know and appreciate each other. Ultimately, trust, respect and loyalty count to generate more business in the long term.

Behind the long-term success of a partnership in cooperation is a very special company philosophy and shared values that determine the daily actions. Our visionary thinking drives us to achieve ever new goals and ensures the sustainable development of cooperation.

Cooperation instead of competition

In contrast to other cooperations, the focus of Cargo in motion is not only on profit optimisation, but on fair and sustainably profitable business.

Working in partnership with one another and using the existing pool of skills and capacities with confidence open up a wide range of opportunities for all those involved in the future requirements of modern logistics.

Trust that the customer feels. The cooperation brings business advantages, especially for medium-sized companies. The potential is clearly recognizable: synergies and common strengths are combined, resources are shared and competitive advantages are created.

Trust in our services. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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Cargo in motion

Modules for mutual success

Cargo in motion - modules at a glance - all under a single roof

Tailored support to your success

Our modules build on each other and can be put together individually and flexibly as service modules. As a result, we offer every company needs-based solutions that it needs for its targeted and future-proof success.

The Cargo in motion cooperation gives everyone massive and individual support from experts.

Our services precisely meet the needs that many medium-sized logistics companies cannot meet due to the lack of their own resources towards customers.

For members of the Cargo in motion cooperation, Module 1 Europe-wide logistics cooperation network is included in the monthly fee. The other modules 2 - 4 can be accessed as an additional service upon request and according to individual needs.

Cargo in motion - strong across Europe

Cargo in motion is a strong, Europe-wide cooperation with international members. The members from different European countries form a strong and competent basis for future logistics tasks and challenges.

We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Trust in our competence.

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