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Determination of basic knowledge and practical basics module sales

Systematic active selling - successful selling on the phone

Sales in forwarding and logistics should actually be an important factor. But less and less is being done for it, sometimes really neglected.

There are many reasons for that. The shortage of skilled workers in the commercial part of the forwarding agency has a particular impact on sales, which affects small and medium-sized freight forwarders in particular. Some companies are also simply less willing to invest in sales (a fatal misjudgment). Others seem to be "full" through the past fat years.

The consequence of non-existent sales departments: Actual sales tasks often have to be carried out by the operational employees. However, these are so busy in day-to-day business that they can no longer afford additional sales. Existing customers also break away almost unnoticed due to a lack of support. Despite digitalization, a freight forwarder is still controlled by people.

Many customers still appreciate the fact that customers can address salespeople personally. The salesmen are a key differentiator in the competition, especially in medium-sized companies. The big goal in sales is to develop the potential of customers' products or services.

This clearly shows the benefits for the logistics service provider:

  • A significantly improved profit situation,
  • a sustainable image improvement of the company,
  • a clear differentiation from the competition.

These are all aspects that secure the company's existence in the long term in the face of tougher competition in the logistics markets.

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